Our Vision

Most tiny Home companies, including our Coming Soon inventory of homes, are design/built for good reason, but sometimes, we believe, utilizing a more agile approach, with re-purposed materials can save people money, while still creating a great space.

Our Approach

We see cooking like building, in that, in general, there are two methods.  One (design/build) you start with a recipe (blueprint), then go to the market to buy products, completing the project with a set of instructions.  In the second approach, you go to the market first, procure the best products at the best prices, then craft what you make. Our goal is to offer both of these core building approaches, along with other hybrid methods, to create a diverse and unique marketplace of tiny homes for sale.

Our Planet

Aside from the size of your home (yes size does matter), it is our belief that building with re-purposed materials is one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do, not to mention, super fun, but with all of the homes we look to sell and represent, our planet is always a consideration, when choosing who we work with.

Our Community

As we have watched our beloved city of Portland, Oregon grow, we have also watched our homeless population grow along with it. This is a big problem that is not easy to solve, with many opinions and views on how best to help. We have seen first-hand how tiny homes can make the homeless problems in a city worse, but also believe, if implemented correctly, tiny homes can play a significant and positive role in protecting more people and families, along with dramatically reducing the cost of housing.

Our Service

Portable, re-purposed shelters, designed to be shipped and delivered.

Our Inventory

inventory of homes from various builders and manufacture’s Coming Soon.

Our Mantra

We build houses and live in homes.

Our Number

 If you have questions or want to discuss your project, call Kenny at 503-969-1836.